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Vortex flowmeter
  LUGB vortex flowmeter



The basic principle of vortex flowmeter is Carmen vortex phenomenon, when the medium flowing through the triangle with a certain speed, there are diplostichous regular swirl alternately in both sides of the triangle, the swirl arranged unsymmetrically in the downstream of the triangle, the  piezoelectricity detector can detect the sepatared  frequence of the swirl ,and according to the frequence can feflect the flow rate. It can output pulse frequency signal or (4-20 )mA standard current signal ,be equipped with the industrial automation instrument can display the instantaneous and accumulated flow rate to realize the function of  measuring and controlling automaticly. It has the characteristics of  widely range, high precision, low pressure loss. When measure the volume flow, there is no  effect to density, pressure, temperature, viscosity,etc. It can be instead of the orifice meter and will hold the leading position in the future.

It is mainly used to measuring the flow rate of in liquids, gases and steam in the fields like oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, heat industries and municipal construction, environmental protection projects .


   Widely measuring range.Can measure liquids, gases and steam and other kinds of fluid.

   Powerful output function.It can output pulse frequency signal or (4 ~ 20)mA standards current signal and it can display the instantaneous and accumulated flow rate to realize the function of  measuring and controlling automaticly.

   Little  pressure loss.The measuring principle determined to low pressure loss, compared to other meter, it can conserve energy better.

   High reliability.The structure is simple and reliable, no moving parts, high reliability,  reliable running in long time.

   High accuracy.Output is pulse signal which proportional to the flow rate,  no zero drift, high accuracy.

   Good reproducibility.In a certain range of Reynolds number, the frequence of the output signal is unacted on fluid physics characteristic and ingredient variation, meter coefficient  just related to the figure and dimension of the swirl-generating body. There will be no compensation when measure the fluid volume rate.After change the accessories, the meter can still workable without re-calibration.


Model: LUGB series (flange type,sandwich type)

Size: DN25, 32,40,50,65,80,100,125,150,200,250,300

Nominal pressure: normal type :160 MPa

                               high-pressure type: : 2.5 MPa, 4.0 MPa

Fluid  temperature :normal type: (- 40 ~ 300) ℃

                                high-temperature type:(- 40-400 type ) ℃

Accuracy : liquid :1.0,   

                  gas, steam: 1.5

Measuring range: liquid (1-10) m/s,

                              gas, steam: (5 ~ 50) m/s

Range scale:10:1 ~ 20:1

Output signal: three-wire voltage pulse or (4-20 mA) standard current signal

Power supply: 24V DC (location display optional 3.6 V battery power),

Intrinsic safe explosion-proof: ExiaIICT1 - T4

Environmental conditions: temperature (- 40-55) ℃

                                            relative humidity (5-90) %

                                            atmospheric pressure (86 ~ 106) KPa

Applicable medium: gas, liquid or steam



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