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Metallic tube flowmeter
  LZZ metallic flowmeter



The variable area flowmeters with metal cone is used for liquids and gases . You can mount it horizontally or vertically. There are models of local indicating, long-distance data transmission, corrosive resistant, with heating device, limit switch, explosion-proof and so on. Transmission has 010mA analogue signal output, suitable for electro-unit combination instrument DDZ-II or  DDZ-III. It has the function of flow accumulating, digital communication. On-line correcting parameter, various power supply and so on. We can provide flange and magnetic fliter on customer's request. It widely applied to petroleum industry, chemical plant, power atation, food processing, pharmaceutical factory and water processing.


   Superior safety performance,due to all the material of the component is metal part, so it can work safety in extremely diafusting condition.

   Install easily.The height is 250mm, convenient for designing.The upstream and downstream straight pipeline section requested to greater than 5D.

   Resistant to high temperature and high pressure.The maximum operating temperature can reach 300℃, the operating pressure can reach 4.0 MPa..

   Multiple output type.It can indicate the flow rate directly and output the standard current signal(compatible with HART protocol)to realize the functions of remote control, alarm.

   Little pressure loss.The measuring principle determined to low pressure loss, it suitable for measuring the flow rate in the condition with little operating pressure,  compared to other meter, it can conserve energy better.

   Superior economic performance.The main components can exchange each other, so it raise the price /performance .


Model: LZZ series, LZD series (can match M1, M2, M6 converter, or provide the function by request)

Size: DN15, DN25, DN50, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200

Measuring range: water (20 ℃)    250 ~ 180000L/h

                              air (101325Pa, 20℃)  0.07~3000m3 / h

Accuracy: 1.5, 2.5

Range scale: 10:1

Max. operating pressure: DN15~DN50   4. 0MPa

                                          DN80~150  1.6 MPa

                                          Jacteted type: 1.6 MPa

Max. operating temperature: 300 ℃

Ambient temperature: -25~+55 ℃

Relatively humidity: 5~95%

Output signal: 4~20mA (compatible with HART protocol)

Power supply: 24V DC

power dissipation: < 3W

Explosion-proof class: Exd Ⅱ CT4~T6

Intrinsic safe explosion-proof class: Exib Ⅱ CT5

Safety barier: LB906

Height: 250mm(6 DN150,DN200 is 350mm)

Connect type:flange,thread



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